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best remembered as the little girl that loved me. Grem has passed on to the next stage/level. After battling some terrible health issues I decided to let her rest. She will be remembered as my true soul mate. The one girl that will ever melt my heart. The a 1/4 to the reason that I fell for my husband and the best darn cat a girl could ever have. I sit comfortably numb knowing that I "made the right choice" however the hole in my heart that remains from losing the best cat in the world is one that will never repair, never be replaced and always remain a true memory to my logic in life. I miss her..... I want her to be happy and will always love the sound of clawing at my door at 3am..... "let me in.... you know you want me to spend time with you snuggled under your doona".


ADSL back up before the weekend hopefully. The house is starting to resemble a house rather than a stack of boxes.... to attack my room this weekend is a must and divide up the garage into sorting piles... both of us have boxes we have not touched since before the move into the old abode..... so the need for some of it it no longer necessary. I am clearing out the past that I don't need and preparing for the great unknown... including now the uncertain date as to when I will be visited by the one thing I crave ...... in so many ways.
Was going to be a November visit to coincide with shutdown but now that shutdown might not happen... fate is smiling. Work is improving.... 14 schools down thanks to oinkers.... and I have some holiday work organised too. So finances will pick up in the next month and life will be better than what it was a month ago..... Grem is my only concern and while she has been worse..... she isn't looking fantastic. But she will always be my little bunny, and I adore her and will not see her suffer if she needs me to make a choice for her. I don't want to have to do it alone and I know she is holding out for someone she has been waiting to meet. She seems to spend more time making sure I am happy, and taking time to enjoy it when I am.
finally connection on a maintenance night so I am avoiding wow and saving my gb limits for the important stuff... lol

Missing too many people at the moment .... but have my health unlike last night!

away but not for long

due to technical difficulties not sure when or where my next entry will be made... damn telstra can go to hell once this contract runs out...... muhahahahaha!
argh... moving... no energy.... truck here in 3 days.... report writing...... argh! going nuts... thank god the server is down tonight... or I might get distracted and procrastinate on the online world..... ha ha ha... like I am right now.... off to go watch more Firefly..... Nathan Fillion.... only one man in the world is finer...... ;) and he knows who he is!
antibiotics change .... twice this week to get rid of what ails me and what didn't before now does.... but at least I can eat this half of the week and hopefully won't regret it. No nausea is a bonus.... kind of sad when even brushing your teeth makes you feel the need to hug the bowl.
two crazy emails and a phone call later this afternoon my head is fried after spending a brief moment to chat with the boy and having it interrupted by chaos from landlords past, and wanted future... I don't think so.
Booked for the big move on the 16th with several little moves between now and then to deal with boxes... boxes... my boxes... Marina boxes ..... and Cat and Dog boxes.
The house is indeed love at first site... and Marina and I are excited... whole new phase about to start and a whole new regime of fitness ahead.... got to get the bod better than ever... if he is doing it for me... surely I can do it for him..... or does it have something to do with Fishing tackle.... hmm
anyway.... all solved with a trip to the hairdresser... until grem throws up on the carpet..... hooray for tiles at the new digs.

star trekking

got to sit in Village Cinemas @ Crown Casino last night and watch the new Star Trek movie a week before release... awesome movie. Very visually pleasing and not a trekkie enough to criticise, impressed with them killing off an ex-home and away star and Winona Ryder... satisfied indeed I was... oh no... that is Yoda... ha ha.
lots of new beginnings are in the wind... change is in the air. New abode to call home, refreshed heart.... ready for all that may greet me.
Love, Life, Work, Me.... complete patch download!

not sleeping.....

Happy easter from the house of Booze and Chocs..... we are doing both today and my deal is to see if I can turn 80 before someone in my guild logs in...... second time around and I hope to achieve the silent ding...... have done so on most of my toons for each major milestone... this time it is Luros' turn.... what a chick he turned out to be!

thursday...... drinks.....

Golly is chewing phone cables... Grem is sitting by the Macbook waiting for me to turn it on... she likes the functionality of the track pad... I can tell. Amy was being way too cute and curled up dreaming with her tongue out... but her ears told her she was about to get snapped and she woke up.... damn it.
Easter just around the corner... spending way too much on Eggs .... but it all be worth it! Parents overjoyed.... Sarah will be... Marina and I are sharing chocs and booze..... and A special package in the post for the man I adore whole heartedly.....

finished the last three days of training for PART (mental and physical exhaustion were both experienced several times) which gave me three days without the boys and then straight into holidays.... miss them now already so two weeks could be painful. Deb might be away most of the term and life took a weird turn with the gorgeous man I love sitting tilted on the edge of his job.... fingers crossed in two weeks the situation will have improved in the construction industry and many bags of concrete become needed in mass quantities.... go build something Obama! Build something big!
Uni accepted my enrolment and so now I am going to Masters Number 2 officially at Monash.... hooray. Those poor supervisors don't know what hit them!
Grem and Gol were being extremely cute today and cuddling up with the slight hint of chill in the air..... oh so cute... had to take pics and post them on FB of course. Amy is a complete nutter and has taken to dancing to dance music like that little penguin....lol.
going to become a fiend in the kitchen over the next two weeks and cook some new and old stuff.... should be good ... kicked it off with awesome chicken, vege and pasta soup last night..... it rocked!

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