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my day... the hills style

so I was like so totally pissed off at Gollum this morning when he decided to claw the crap out of my leg at 1am. It woke me up out of a beautiful dream... one where I could breathe. That gorgeous man showed no signs of life whatsoever and no doubt he is in recovery mode. meanwhile I had 4 hours of working out my PC so never leaving it offline for more than 5 months again. Got totally bored playing wow. Made some miso soup full of tofu to get rid of whatever this crap is that is making me cough up a lung.
Then chilled in bed and read some more of my Sookie Stackhouse series. After that got boring I made me a cocktail of herbal meds and logged back in, everyone had disappeared so I hung with Miqe and James for a while.... Gollum was slightly remorseful.... nah mostly tired today from running around like an ass all day. Gave up waiting for a text message.... and decided to get out for a drive and grabbed the much needed nail polish remover.... damn pink nails needed to go. Now they look a little bit less diva and more like I need to rip something up.
And then I get home to find........... I've got Mail. The blankest piece of paper telling me that my divorce is finalised...... so I digitally enhanced it ;)

So I'm no longer married...... not really looking and instead waiting to here from the man that partied too hard this weekend and is feeling it ........ aww poor baby....... he knows where to find the hangover cure ;)

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