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vacation shuffle

this one not yet over... but already organising the next two sounds positive.... and for a change it is....... so very very happy and hope all goes through correctly... will once again see Winter this year... so that brings Winter count to 3 and 2 with snow...... I have shuffled the plan to go to Seattle for December rather than September.... which allows a little more time for meeting a few new people that have yet to meet me but probably should sometime soon so they don't think a loved one is crazy.
In the mean time I play tour guide to a VIP hopefully in September....... so when that gets confirmed I start booking options for fun things to do and somehow have to buy some more furniture to cater for the needs of extra people in the house.
If Marina goes overseas then I need to get Dad in once again but with just two furry kids not as stressful. SO I have a smile on my face as I go into the last week of vacation knowing that hopefully better things are around the corner.
Survived a day on campus, but hayfever may just keep me home for the second one..... damn it! Had a great time at the conference though.... 4 more years of those.... lol ....... anyways.... sleeping while I can because this week will have a bit of variety in it. 24 hour shift and a regular 9 hour shift.... *cash register noise* MONEY!

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